HOMEOWNERS:  We have reached our max of 20% rental homes.  This means you cannot rent out your home unless you are in the military and being transferred to another military installation. It also means you cannot sell your home to an REI (Real Estate Investment company) because those companies only buy homes so they can rent them out.  Our governing documents include this cap to maintain the balance of homeowners/renters. Maintaining this balance means 80% of our residents have a financial and physical investment in Sundance, which allows for a high level of interest in Sundance’s success. If you are military and needing to rent out your home, please let the HOA Board know by emailing [email protected].  We keep track of which homes are being rented as it’s important to our neighborhood.
Exhibit “C”, Section 4.1.  Leasing Restricted. Within the Properties, Units may be leased, provided the total percentage of leased Units within the Properties shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the total number of Units within the Properties. Upon the occurrence of a decrease below the 20% leasing cap, Units will be permitted to be leased on a first bona fide request, first permitted basis, until the number of units which are leased reaches 20%, at which time no further Units shall be leased until the number of leased Units drops below 20%.