Although we had a small turnout at the meeting, we discussed a LOT of subjects and got clarification from the police officers on a LOT of situations! And … the lasagna was homemade and delicious! And … did I mention the delicious cupcakes made by Courtney (new homeowner)?  🙂

We still have 150 homeowners (one vote per home) that haven’t voted For/Against the Special Assessment!!!  Please see the documents below for the information and voting page. You’ll need to print it out (sorry!), fill it out and then you have two options:  You can take a photo or a scan of the completed vote form and email it to  or you can drop it off into the small box on my front porch (12605 Oola Court – red chairs on front porch).  If you misplaced your printed copy and/or you’re having trouble printing out the voting form, please let me know and I will drop one off on your front porch!

Sundance HOA (PDF)

The first page is the Special Assessment voting information and voting form.

The second page is the financial information that helped the board make the decision to ask for the Special Assessment from all of us homeowners. The board’s responsibility is to protect the investment we have all made.  If the value of our homes fall, we don’t want it to be because the board failed in its primary job!

The third page is the 2022 Profit & Loss Statement (credits and debits during 2022 only). This shows our financial status at the end of 2022. We use Zero Budgeting, which means every category starts the year off as $0 spent.

The fourth page is the Meeting Agenda and what we discussed.

The fifth page is a Resource page for your personal use.

The sixth page is our 2023 year-to-date Profit & Loss Statement. See FB for photos of the receipts for January expenses.

Please call/text or ask on FB if you have any questions about what is posted here or what was discussed at the meeting!

Anita Young 719-338-4580